Popgun Press publishes short, intelligent books with bags of personality.

Our first books are a series of four wild political satires by John Kwark. They’re hilarious, and are all less than 100 Pages. These collectable books are a perfect stocking filler for commuters, political junkies – or anyone with a subversive sense of humour.


This is what people say about them:

“John Kwark is an undiscovered gem.” Hugo Rifkind, the Times, Radio 4.

“Farrago does for everyone's favourite privately educated commodities broker/man-of-the-people what Evelyn Waugh's Scoop did for tabloid journalism.” Bingomaster (via Amazon)

“Extremely funny.” Matt Griffiths (via Amazon)


For just £16 you can own a set of four books that perfectly capture the state of the nation – and might even make you feel better about it.

Go to our shop here to buy them direct from us now. You can also get them from Amazon, Waterstones or Foyles, but if you buy direct you’ll be supporting a small publisher rather than a corporate behemoth, and help us pay our bills!

We’re so confident you’ll like them that for a limited time only we’ve got a special offer: go to our shop page, download an ebook for just £3, and we’ll send you the paper version for free. We’re sure you’ll come back for more.