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Small books, big laughs.

“John Kwark is an undiscovered gem.” Hugo Rifkind, the Times, Radio 4.

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Whether he is smearing fast food all over his face or cheating at golf, the buffoonish president of the United States is always bumbling from one disaster to the next. Will his gang of incompetent advisers stop him before he destroys himself? No way, because they're too busy cashing in. 

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Colin Farrago is on the campaign trail, on the booze, but most of all on the make. With his grotesque gang of hangers-on, including the desperate money-man Baggs, he tours the country creating mischief - and trying to find someone to fund his cushy lifestyle. 

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All she wants is to be left in peace to finish her Sudoku and play piano duets. Somehow, though, poor Mayday appears to be leading the country. Fortunately for her, the opposition is just as clueless as she is. 

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Power has always evaded arch-schemer Bozo. When his absolute absence of scruples is recognised as the ultimate political weapon, it looks like his hour has come. But can he really count on the support of the odious toff Smogge?

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